NAIOP NJ/NYC and Habitat for Humanity build houses for veterans in Newark

On Saturday, October 25th NAIOP NJ/NYC and Habitat for Humanity traveled to Newark, NJ to help build houses for veterans.  Our Client Services Coordinator, Joseph Birmingham, joined NAIOP NJ/NYC in helping with this project.  We are always so grateful when our employees dedicate time to help out with such a great cause.  Great job Joe!

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Checking in on Work In Progress!

Occasionally in our industry we get called into situations where a customer has had their health impacted as a result of their property damage.  Our staff is always very aware of these situations and takes the extra time and care these situations require.  Our Senior Project Coordinator, Angeliki Zontanos, relates one of the stories below and stresses the importance of not only doing the right job, but listening, empathizing and caring for our customers every step of the way:

I recently was working on a job where my main contact was a tenant’s mother.  She had called in a fire damage that was the result of a cooking fire.  After speaking with the customer’s mother I learned that her daughter had actually suffered 3rd degree burns as a result of this fire was in the intensive care unit recovering.

The mother has been running back and forth, staying at the hospital at all hours of the day to tend to her daughter as well as handling the fire damage clean-up at the apartment on her own.  She had never experienced a property damage like this before and they are not filing an insurance claim so she has no one else to help to guide her through the restoration process.

Throughout this process, I have been communicating with the mother by answering questions, informing her the crew’s arrival and assuring her that we will have the apartment cleaned thoroughly before her daughter’s return.  This was a huge concern as due to her daughter’s condition, her skin is sensitive and the apartment must be cleaned thoroughly from any residue from smoke or grease.

When I proceeded with the follow up call to see how the job was going, the mother informed me she is “grateful” as she is currently “exhausted” and encountering her own health issues; at the time of the call, she was experiencing a headache.  The mother said that the crew was working hard and “appreciates” our call as she “trusts” in us and the work being performed; so much so, she left during mid-day as she felt she was in our crew’s way.

It made me realize that when you take a step back, it is easy to see who our follow up calls and showing compassion makes a difference; it also makes you appreciate and value those around you.

~Angeliki Zontanos