Checking in on Work in Progress!

Here is a successful follow up story from Sofia Pahidis, Project Coordinator in NJ!

I sent an email to an insured to check in and find out if everything was going smoothly while her job was in progress.  The insured emailed us 10 days after the job was completed and stated that we did a wonderful job, we were quite neat and thanked us for a job well done.  She then added that there were some pretty big gouges in her living room floor and also a few scratches.

We went right out to reinspect the issues and discovered we did not cause the damage.  What the insured thought was damage was the actual nail heads popping out of the floor, and the scratches were nicks about the size of a pen tip.  We explained to her that after we were done with our mitigation process that we clean the floor with a mop head and that if we had damaged the floor we would have corrected it immediately. The insured stated they had their floors refinished not too long ago, therefore, we recommended that she contact the people who refinished the floor to come back and fix it.

She was pleased with our guidance and attention.  We got paid dollar for dollar and in less than 30 days.


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