Meeting Maxons!

Our Blog series, “Meeting Maxons!” continues this week. We will hear from Brittney, a Project Coordinator, about her experiences at Maxons.

Q:  How long been with Maxons?

A:  2 years in November.


Q:  Do you remember what your impressions were of the company after being here for about a month?

A:  I thought everyone had a really good division of responsibility.  There was good communication between the teams on jobs.  I liked how everyone held each other accountable for different aspects.


Q:  What was the first thing you had to learn when joining the team?

A:  Intakes – how to take in new jobs properly so as not confuse anyone on the teams and make sure that it went through the system properly.


Q:  What is the most important thing you have learned since you have been here?

A:  The value of coworkers helping each other out.  Everyone steps up if someone is out sick, we check in on each other when people may be overloaded.  The value of good coworkers and teamwork is the biggest thing I have learned.


Q:  Why do you have a passion for this industry?

A:  I like being the one to help people feel better, like to be calming, like to reassure them and establish a rapport so they trust me and Maxons.  That our goal is to make things right for them.  It is rewarding to be on the other end of call to hear their relief.


Q:  Which company core value speaks to you the most – and why?

A:  Responsibility.  Everyone takes responsibility, if there is a mistake people own it and do their best to fix it.  It is rare to see that professionally, but here it happens.


Q:  What is your favorite Maxons story?

A:  From our holiday party in 2015 – we were playing a game where we had to catch cookies that were placed on our heads into our mouths.  I got nominated by my team to represent us on this game.  I doubted my ability – but somehow pulled it off flawlessly and the whole room went crazy!  It is so silly, but represents what a great culture we have – that a game with a cookie on my head could be such a huge moment of excitement and bonding!