Meeting Maxons

Meetign Maxons

Our Blog series, “Meeting Maxons!” continues this week. We will hear from Amy, a Sales & Marketing Coordinator, about her experiences at Maxons.

Q:  How long been with Maxons?

A:  4 years and change.


Q:  Do you remember what your impressions were of the company after being here for about a month?

A:  There were good working relationships internally, great culture, family oriented.  Was a place full of hard working employees.


Q:  What was the first thing you had to learn when joining the team?

A:  Branding, all the marketing materials, and getting to know the sales team.


Q:  What is the most important thing you have learned since you have been here?

A:  I think learning how to deal with different personalities.


Q:  Why do you have a passion for this industry?

A:  Every day is something different, and at the end of the day it is rewarding to know all the work we do is helping people who need it.


Q:  Which company core value speaks to you the most – and why?

A:  Teamwork – since I have been here I have learned that when you work together as a team it is easier to accomplish a project.  I am lucky that I have had the opportunity to work with everyone at the company, and I have learned from each situation and each person.  Now I am stronger at solving problems by working with a team than working by myself.


Q:  What is your favorite Maxons story?

A:  Planning the first scavenger hunt we did for the staff.  Putting all the work and hours into it.  Then seeing the teams run around the city and get competitive with each other, while they were laughing.  I was so happy being able to put together a good day for everyone, and being able to put a “non working” event together where everyone ends up working together anyway and having fun.



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