Meeting Maxons!

Meetign Maxons

Our Blog series, “Meeting Maxons!” continues this week. We will hear from Kevin, a Regional Manager, about his experiences at Maxons.

Q:  How long have you been with Maxons?

A:  Almost 8 years.


Q:  Do you remember what your impressions were of the company after being here for about a month?

A:  I was coming from Pennsylvania – but felt there was still a very family friendly atmosphere – more so then I expected for a NYC firm.


Q:  What was the first thing you had to learn when joining the team?

A:  That it takes a lot more effort to communicate and handle claims on a personal level in the city than it did in the suburbs.  And then the different internal processes.


Q:  What is the most important thing you have learned since you have been here?

A:  The company likes to have fun with each other and enjoy working with each other, both at work and away from work.  That is rare.


Q:  Why do you have a passion for this industry?

A:  Because I get to help people everyday, they need guidance and assistance through their emergency and I can help.  And our clients are grateful for what we do, and our ability to provide prompt, quality service.


Q:  Which company core value speaks to you the most – and why?

A:  Teamwork – everybody here is always willing to pitch and help anyone else in the company.


Q:  What is your favorite Maxons story?

A:  Our perseverance during hurricane Sandy.  Many of our employees were without electricity and water in their own homes, but they persevered and continued to help others during that challenging time.

Kevin_1_(72 dpi)IMG_2039

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