Long Beach Polar Bear Plunge

Yesterday, a few of Maxons employees ventured to Long Beach to participate in the annual Polar Bear Plunge for the Make A Wish Foundation.  Although there was snow on the ground, they all made the run into the water not once but twice!  Pictured below Regional Manager, Mat Sanderleaf, Director of Human Resources and Facilities, Kelley Dolan and Marketing Coordinator, Amy Drinkwater. Polar Bear Plunge

Maxons Starts its First “Biggest Loser” Competition

In a recent full staff meeting multiple staff members mentioned weight loss goals they had been focusing on lately.  With that in mind Maxons has launched our first “Biggest Loser” competition!

Our first Weigh In was this morning and we will be on the program until November 16th!   As this is our first attempt at this, we are all really looking forward to seeing how it goes and if we want to repeat it in the New Year!

I wish a very heart-felt good luck to our participants!  I am so proud of all of you for taking this first step!

~ Contributed by Kelley Dolan, Director of HR/Facilities

Set up Successful Marketing for the Fall now!

The end of summer is the time to set up good sales and marketing initiatives for the fall and remainder of the year.  Below are the following tips from a B.A.D. Company email blast:

Wrap up your important-but-not-urgent projects. Finish a white paper, update your website copy, or implement a new customer relationship management tool before things ramp up in the final quarter of the year.

Strategize. Read a book or attend a conference. Research what your competitors are doing – and not doing – to position your company, product and offer more favorably. Make a plan.

Set your fall schedule. Summarize two or three topics that showcase your expertise and reach out to media and program chairs of civic groups and trade associations. Get on the calendars of key prospects and clients.

Sharpen your approach. Test a pricing discount, a free consultation, or value-added services in advance of a full rollout. Experiment with a different paper, ink or finishing technique for your marketing collateral.

Remind customers to buy from you. Recent clients often just need a simple prompt – a postcard or sell sheet – to make a repeat purchase. Focus on retaining those with the highest profit margin. When you stop inviting customers to do business with you, the door is opened for your competitors.

Play to your strengths. There will be much economic uncertainty as the presidential candidates tout different plans. People won’t stop buying; they will just be more selective. Craft a message that clearly states why you offer the most relevant product at the greatest value. The more visible you are, the more confident your prospects will be that you’ll be around in good times or bad.

Stay ahead of the trend curve. Email usage is declining in several demographic groups as customers turn more to Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. Smartphone adoption continues to grow, as well as the number of apps available to download. Social media promises reach, scalability and cost-effectiveness, so why is direct mail expected to grow as well? Experienced marketers know that an envelope reinforces your message, personalization gets the envelope opened, and consumers value physical mail – even in this digital age. Design an integrated, multichannel marketing strategy to take you through the end of the year and beyond.


~Contributed by Mary Ellen Parisi, Sr. Director of Client Services