@HowardWhite offering his closing statem

@HowardWhite offering his closing statement on the final evening of the @PRMASummit. He mentioned the camaraderie and dedication he finds in working with our @restorationaffilaites partners as well as insurance industry leaders and influencers to help to develop innovative solutions related to restoration. And a great way to spend 2 days in Arizona! http://ow.ly/i/AkfVH http://ow.ly/i/AkfVU http://ow.ly/i/AkfWm

Registered Third Party Evaluators™ (RTPE)

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Maxons Restorations, Inc. is proud to announce that Jeffrey Gross as the newest member of an international roster of experts awarded the title of “Registered Third Party Evaluators™” (RTPE).

An RTPE is awarded to an individual who possesses not only fundamental industry training and experience as a typical restorer; they possess lengthy experience and the highest levels of advanced formal education available on the subject of structural and contents repairs following a variety of perils including wind, water, and fire. They have also demonstrated their skill in producing unbiased professional reports that are largely built upon facts rather than opinion.

Way to go Jeff!!!!