Meeting Maxons!

Meetign Maxons

Our Blog series, “Meeting Maxons!” continues this week. We will hear from Lou, a Project Manager, about his experiences at Maxons.

Q:  How long been with Maxons?

A:  7 years.


Q:  Do you remember what your impressions were of the company after being here for about a month?

A:  That we were pretty well organized, and we knew what we were doing.  I had worked for others in the industry who were not put together as well.


Q:  What was the first thing you had to learn when joining the team?

A:  The Maxons way – I knew the work, but had to learn how to do it our way.


Q:  What is the most important thing you have learned since you have been here?

A:  Negotiation.  I can take this personally, but now I understand it is give and take and I don’t need to take it personally.


Q:  Why do you have a passion for this industry?

A:  I like to help people, and I like the people I work with.


Q:  Which company core value speaks to you the most – and why?

A:  Our brand anchors – speed communication expertise, and of those, speed really means a lot to me.  Because I try to act as quickly as possible to whatever needs to be done – I like to get things done.


Q:  What is your favorite Maxons story?

A:   We were planning to do a relay race at our summer outing one year.  Alan and I decided we were going to practice to get an advantage on race day!  We were running up and down the hallway practicing for our event – confusing our neighbors!  It totally worked – we were the best at our part of the race!

And I have another good one to share.  One time on a job I was with one of my coworkers, Andrea.  A pump had gotten clogged at the site.  When I went to look at it, I touched the top of it and it burst!  Filthy water from a parking garage sprayed all over Andrea and I.  I quickly stood in front of her and we ran from the room.  We got outside and she said “Look at me.”  Filthy water was dripping down her face.  I responded “You look terrific.” We both cracked up!


Communication is Key – Kathy Beltran

As a Sales Coordinator I don’t have a great deal of interaction with our customers since our project management team handles the losses. However, there have been numerous occasions when I’ve taken calls from customers that needed an immediate answer or maybe simply wanted to confirm something and instead of passing on the call or taking a message I’ve been able to assist them.  Because of our loss update structure and day to day notations to our database from our project management team, I’ve been able to look up information on losses and provided our customers the answers they were looking for.

Communication with our customers and clients is a reflection of how we communicate internally. It is a pleasure for me to be part of this culture and to have the opportunity to help and make a difference for our customers under such difficult times.

~Kathy Beltran, Sales Coordinator