Making the most of our equipment!

Recently we had a job that we used a desiccant dehumidifier on, the problem was there was no where to vent the exhaust.  Jeff dug into his bag of tricks and we used another dehumidifier to take off moisture produced by the desiccant dehumidifier.  It worked great!

They call this “piggy-backing a refrigerant to a desiccant.”  The desiccant exhausts damp air which usually goes out a window.  In a case where you do not have a window you flex duct the exhaust of the desiccant into the top of a refrigerant dehumidifier and it takes care of the moisture that way.  You need to plan your water management because that refrigerant will be producing the max amount of water that it possibly can, and monitor power usage with extra equipment on site.

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~Submitted by Bob Held, Field Operations Manager