Welcome to the team David Darmento!

The Maxons staff would like to extend a warm welcome to David Darmento who had his first day with us today.  David is a new Director of Client Services for our Westchester area.  He has been in the industry for many years and we look forward to his future success here at Maxons!

Congratulations and good luck David!

Welcome our latest New Hire – Amy Drinkwater!

Amy started with us today as our new Marketing Coordinator!  We are extra excited about bringing her on board as she will be fulfilling a new role for us, we can’t wait to see how she does and how she can develop this role for the company!

Congratulations Amy, we are thrilled to have you as part of the team!

The training wheels are off!

Andrea Barragan was hired in late fall as a Project Manager for our NYC office, below she tells about the first loss she handled completely on her own! 

The first loss I inspected by myself was a loss that occurred on 01/02/2012 and was a water loss. The ceiling of the insured collapsed due to water that was trapped in the ceiling for over a month. After EMS services we perform mold abatement work due to the water category and after the insured contacted the environmental company provided by her insurance.

This was the first loss I handled on my own and I am proud of the way it went, especially as it involved several different services!

Below are photos of the sealed off containment area as well as the cut ceiling.

Congratulations to our New Hire!

Michael Haag has finished his first day at Maxons!  Michael has joined us as a Project Manager for our NJ region, we are thrilled to have him on the team and look forward to his success here!

Michael has a background in hospitality and facility management.  He has handled a lot of construction and remodeling projects over the years and we can’t wait to put his knowledge to the test!